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RIM Solutions has invested in the best available software and hardware offered.  ONeil continually upgrades and improves their products; coupled with superior technical support proving why they are recognized world-wide as the leader in the record management industry.

  • Managing and Storing Records is our only business
• RIM Staff Trained on site at the ONeil Irvine California learning center
• Certified Record Manager on staff
• 35 years combined inventory and record management experience
• Partnered with established businessmen Chris Holcomb, Ron Lipsey and Chris Mahan
• All employees receive full background checks and sign confidentiality agreements
• Strategic partnerships with local professional moving, shredding and IT companies
• Private and secure warehouse. Keyless lock entry and security cameras
• Access denied into RIM without express permission.
• Visitors must sign visitor confidentiality agreement
• Exclusive use of electric power lifts reducing gasoline / propane fire hazard
• Daily data backup via onsite tape and at offsite facility

Industry Standard Records Management Software by O'Neil
O’Neil has been committed to leading the records storage and management industry for 30 years. They have an enviable track record of installations in over 1000 record centers just like RIM Solutions operating in more than 80 countries, from start-ups to multi-nationals. Our software solutions manage and track multiple types of data including traditional storage boxes, file folders, documents and tapes; from deposit to destruction, work order to invoice.

  • Microsoft 2008 SQL server and separate SQL Internet/Web database operating system.
• All items MUST be barcoded. 
• All document movements recorded within and outside of RIM’s facility to/from clients
• RS Web net is client friendly and built to accept customer specific terminologies; i.e.,    Terminal Digit Numbering



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