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+Carton Storage:
Storage of client hard copy records in boxes (units) of the following sizes: Size 1 = under 1.2 cubes; Size 2 = 1.3 to 2.0 cubes (including xray boxes); Size 3 = 2.1 to 3.0 cubes. Boxes are barcoded and assigned to random bin locations throughout  RIM Solutions Records Management’s secure warehouse using our automated inventory control system.

+Open Shelf Storage:
Storage of files on shelving rather than in boxes. Certain record types are more appropriately stored on shelves than in boxes. This service is charged based on a linear filing foot rather than a cubic foot. Files may be barcoded or kept in a sequential order that reflects the client filing system.

+Initial Item Start Up into Storage:
This service includes the preparation and transfer of a new record unit into storage after the initial inventory is complete. Included is the creation of receipt documents, acceptance into the warehouse, box-level indexing and box barcode, location barcode, scanning into the tracking and inventory control system and shelving the record unit.

+Scheduled Pick- Ups of New Record Units and Return of Record Units into Storage:
Pick up of record units based on a published schedule. Pick-up requests are scheduled for the next available pick-up date. Emergency fee applies if pick-up is required outside regularly scheduled times.

+Delivery of Records:
Delivery service for record units (boxes, files or other storage units) based on client demand and the retrieval process.
(See definitions of regular, same day, rush and after-hours/holiday delivery and on front of Schedule A.)

+Will Call Service:
Clients may pick up record units during normal business hours (see front). Record units are checked out at the RIM Solutions office or loading dock only to authorized client personnel. Record units are made available for pick-up on client demand per the retrieval classifications on the front of Schedule A.

+Retrieval and Timely Re-file Service:
Retrieval service for record units are on client demand. (Retrievals are classified as regular, same day, rush or after-hours/holiday, based on definitions under Delivery and Scheduled Pick-Up on front.) Re-file services are scheduled based on the timely return of storage units to RIM Solutions.  Boxes and files returned are validated on the same business day they are received back into inventory.

+Fax on Demand / Scan on Demand Service:
Delivery of records to client via fax or e-mail. RIM Solutions retrieves requested record from stored box, locates specific document, faxes or scans information for delivery to client on demand, re-files the document into the file and the file into the box, and re-shelves the box. A warehouse search fee is billed in 15-minute increments and applies unless files are indexed at the document level.

File Retrieval / re-file is billed separately from Fax on Demand / Scan on Demand delivery

+Interfiling of Loose Documents or New Files into Existing Boxes:
Clients may request that a record unit which has not previously been stored be inserted into a record unit that is part of existing stored inventory. Clients must clearly indicate the box number and/or file description that the item should be placed into. Interfiling includes indexing the record unit, bar-coding it, scanning to the parent unit and placing it in the parent unit.

+Repackaging of Record Storage Units:
Repackaging of torn, damaged, non-standard, or irregular boxes. Service includes: the box (with lifetime replacement guarantee), transferring of contents, re-writing the descriptive information, replacing the bar code and correcting the database reference.

+Destruction & Certification Service:
This service provides authentication and destruction of records that have completed their useful and required life. The process requires record unit retrieval and permanent removal, and includes: a report of record units available for destruction, RIM Solutions authentication, client destruction approval, verification, destruction of record units, creation of destruction certificate, and removal from the system.

+Permanent Removal of a Storage Unit:
This service expedites an orderly permanent removal and check out of a record storage unit or file from inventory, either to the destruction process or to the client at RIM Solutions loading dock. A permanent removal requires a regular retrieval and includes data entry, palletization, check out authentication, and reconciliation. If the client requires delivery to another location, delivery is charged at appropriate rate. Payment for permanent removal of storage units at the termination of a storage agreement is required in the form of a cashiers check.

+Client Reports:
Based on client requirements, a variety of pre-formatted and custom reports are available from our inventory control system.

+Conference Room Review and Business Services:
RIM Solutions conference room is available to clients to review files. Clients who wish to review boxes or files over several hours or days must reserve the conference room in advance. Business services such as copying, faxing, Internet access and notary are available.

+File Level Indexing:
RIM Solutions identifies and bar-codes each file based on the client’s specific requirements. The information indexed is defined by the client and is based on the criteria required for finding files within client cartons or open-shelf filing ranges.

+Data Edits (Standardization of Record Series Names):
Clients using several names for the same types of records may choose to homogenize the record series names for more efficient retrieval. Standardization is performed after an inventory and includes: a sorted list of record series names: the quantity of record units in each series; one hour consultation review; and, correction of the database reference.

+Data Media Storage:
Storage of computer disks, CDs, back-up tapes and other digital media requiring controlled conditions to maintain the integrity of the data. Depending on client needs, options include storage in boxes, special containers or on open shelves in RIM Solutions media vault. Inventory control is provided with our bar-code unit tracking system.


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