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Frequently Asked Questions
Allow us to hit the high points of RIMS's own Records Management Solution:

Q: How does this work?
A: We have it, You want it, You get it! We barcode your boxes and the information you have written on the outside of your box is keyed into our computer.  When you call for a vital document, we know where it is located because the barcode on your box is matched with a barcode on our shelf.

Q: Who has access to my records?
A: You determine who has the authority to request retrieval and viewing rights to your records.  RIM Solution’s personnel has access to our secured warehouse.  Each employee has passed a complete background test and is bound by our confidentiality agreement.

Q: If I want something how quick can I get it?
A: Available 24/7.  If you require a record or backup tape on Christmas Eve you will get it.  Utilizing our software and the information you provide we average 10 minutes from the time you call and it is in our hands.

Q: How secure is your facility and can anyone just walk in and look at my records?
A: NO! RIM’s facility is in total lock-down at all times. No one is allowed into our facility without prior and express permission.   We are monitored by security cameras both inside and outside our warehouses, motion detectors, and keyless door entry. 

Q: Who picks up our records?
A: You decide. If we have your records and you need them we have several options available for access.  RIM can deliver them to you, you can pick them up or we can scan and fax or email at your request. The choice is yours. If you are asking who picks up your records from your facility, we have a secured strategic partnership with a moving company.  Your records are bar-coded, counted and scanned at your facility.  You sign the count sheet and receive a copy of the count.  They are moved in an enclosed van to our secured facility and scanned into our warehouse.

Q: How much does this cost?
A: Extremely economical. Our storage per letter/legal box is $0.40/month.  Allow us to look at your records and we can give you a quote reflecting your estimated one-time charges and monthly storage.

Q: How will I know what records you have at your facility?
A: Reports! RIM Solutions will supply you with reports showing what you have, where it is located and when we received them.  With this information you can schedule your records for destruction.  RIM will keep you informed and updated with your retention schedule.  You control what is kept and what is destroyed.

Q: What if our boxes containing our records are in poor condition?
A: Re-Box! RIM Solution offers guaranteed no crush letter/legal boxes for sale.  These are $2.50/box and are cheaper than at an office supply store.

Q: Still have questions?
A: Contact us today and we'll fill you in on anything else you need to know to help you make the right decision regarding your most precious documents and records.  

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