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At RIM solutions, we bring together a unique constellation of products and services that lead the Industry, and do so in service of our many clients, all of whom rely on us to look after record management tasks that can be frustrating, unprofitable and fraught with potential liablity to undertake on site.

Our clients confidently delegate this work to us, and we consistently deliver.

Always Available, Always Open
It is our hope that you will allow us the privilege of looking after your record management chores. We also hope that you will take a moment to become better acquainted with the way we care for our clients all through the year, day and night, even at 12AM on Christmas Eve.

Certified, Archival Expertise, Not Just 'Storage'
Recorded information is the heart of any organization and its loss is akin to a corporate heart attack. The loss of company archives, be they personnel, financial or legal, can be more costly than our modern storage plan.

Play it Safe
Legislative and regulatory compliance requires record retention or destruction. Either requirement can stretch a company's resources and facility to the breaking point, allowing possible errors and expansion of institutional liability. Why not let RIM attend to this complext task, freeing up valuable time for you to run your organization?

Part of Your Team
Employees following company policies and procedures play a daily role in the creation, retrieval, utilization and disposal of records. Like a key employee, or service is an important asset. An asset the helps to protect the heart of the company.

Standards First
We are a Certified Records Management Facility. This means we have a certified records manager on site and are in compliance with the facilities & personnel membership requirements for ARMA and ICRM.

Then, come to
RIM, for the Solution!
• How long did your last record search take?
• How much did it cost in time and money?
• Is your backup data accessible? Is it offsite?
• How fast can you get to your data & records?
• Do you have a disaster recovery plan?
• Industry Standard Retention / Destruction Compliancy
• Guaranteed State and Federal Litigation Compliancy
• Management & Archiving Readily Available
• Systematic Protection "For the Right Eyes Only"
• All phases of Disaster Recovery / Data Backup

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